All of our technology, from the hardware of our drones to the software that controls them, is designed and produced within the United Kingdom by a team of engineering graduates from the University of Southampton. 


In an effort to keep our environmental impact to a minimum we stay close to home in order to reduce the need to source components from the other side of the world and reduce our carbon footprint across our company.


The exact inner workings of our drone technology is a closely guarded secret, but we can tell you what makes our drones that little bit special:


  • We use a secure Mesh Network (a fancy term that means our drones talk to each other!)

  • The displays are possible because of our autonomous flight and navigation system (the drones fly themselves! No direct pilot control needed!)

  • Each of our drones has a safety shell (a protective mesh shell to keep a barrier between the blades and anything that could touch them, like lost birds!)


All of this technology allows our drones to act as one and create stunning displays that can be perfectly timed, all in an environmentally friendly and safe way!